From Over IT to Overjoyed – Top Secret Mommy Tips

You may be overwhelmed, over scheduled, overworked and OVER IT if:

– You lack energy to complete mommy work and other tasks
– You are overly emotional and respond in anger or distress
– You constantly double book, drop the ball, and miss appointments
– You are unable to follow through on your commitments
– You have literally given up

Here are 3 tips to help you transition from “over it” to overjoyed!

Tip #1 Gratitude – mindset is everything.  When you are feeling overwhelmed focus on what IS going right and divert attention from what may be going wrong.  Instead of thinking I’m “over it” think I’m growing through it.  Challenges provide unique opportunities for growth.  When your plate is full it’s an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-prioritize.

Gratitude journals are very useful! I make it a part of my daily routine to journal what I am grateful for. – Coach D

Tip #2 Seasons – Life operates in seasons. Not just in nature but for us as well. We go through season of growth and seasons of calm.  It is important for moms to identify the season their family is in and to prioritize based on the conditions of the current season.

Think about it, in the winter months the priority is not cutting the grass.

Once you have identified your season, determine your capacity.  Outside of your priorities what is your bandwidth to take on “extra” activities or commitments. If it’s 0, I caution you from taking on non-essential activities and/or signing your kids up for extra commitments.

Tip #3 Personal Strategy
– After you get emotions under control, develop an attitude of gratitude, and have determined your seasons capacity, you have the information you need to come up with YOUR plan to move from OVER IT to OVERJOYED!

Every mom’s strategy will look different.  I highly encourage developing a planner method that works for your lifestyle and creating routines to aid in your success. It is also helpful to leverage your support system and/or outsource task such as cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. to free up valuable time.

A part of your strategy also includes frequent reviews, finding an accountability partner and/or a coach! Remember a strategy without execution leads to more stress.

Coach D is the founder of Career Mom Coaching and Consulting and the online platform Career Mom Community. As both the visionary and lead coach/consultant she provides her clients with action plans and road maps that lead down a path of both growth and development. Debranetta has a diverse scope of knowledge gained from working with fortune 50 companies as well as some niche endeavors. This knowledge allows her to coach clients through ideation sessions and help them develop strategies that will assist them in accomplishing their personal and professional goals. Her keen sense of planning allows her to help clients create a lifestyle that will aide in preventing burnout and becoming overwhelmed.

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Let me help you transition from Over It to Overjoyed! – Coach D

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