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18-Month Planner for Moms

I wish I could shout it from the mountain top.  "Planners are my favorite"!

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Happy Planner Mom Classic Planner First Impressions

I love physical planners.  In addition to organizational benefits, planning has several therapeutic benefits for me as well.  In my blog post, … touched on some wellness benefits of planning and how I incorporate it into my self-care routine.  Today, I am sharing information about a great planner option for moms who love planners. The 18-Month Happy Planner Mom Classic is both beautiful and perfect for intentional planning.

I wish I could shout it from the mountain top.  “Planners are my favorite”! I suggest all moms find and use a planner, physical or digital, that they enjoy.  There are a ton of options out on the market. Planners come in a number of varieties:


Goal setting

Daily Living



On the go

Concept based


Special interest

And so much more. I am convinced that there is a planner for every mom, for every style, preference, and purpose. It might take some time to find your match, but it’s oh so worth it when you do.

Happy Planner Mom Classic

I ordered a new 18- Month Planner from the Happy Planner online. I ordered my planner online but depending on your local craft store and Wal-Mart you can often find these planners readily available in store.

2022 Mixed Media Mom Classic Dashboard Happy Planner – 18 Months

About the Mom Classic Planner from Happy Planner

According to the Website, “You got this! This 18-month Classic Happy Planner runs from July 2022-December 2023. It comes in a dashboard layout that will help you organize your weekly priorities and daily plans. Carry this Classic planner with you on your commute from home to work or school. Keep track of appointments, boost your productivity, and stay motivated!” Source 2022 Mixed Media Mom Classic Dashboard Happy Planner – 18 Months – The Happy Planner

My Initial Thoughts

I’ve used a Happy Planner in the past and I really enjoy their brand. I love the functionality of their planners and the fact that I can add dashboards, change out the rings on the side, and move sections about within the planner.

You can watch this video for my full first impressions review.

Let me know what you think about this Happy Planner design and layout in the comments!

If you need help finding your best fit planner and most importantly a planning system for organization and time management that is going to work for you and your family, let’s chat about my services and ways I can assist you.

— Debranetta, Founder Career Mom Community, LLC

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