5 Things Motherhood Taught Me

As a busy mom of 4 who is also a wife, corporate professional and ambitions go -getter, being a mom has taught me some things. 

These five lessons are just the tip of the iceberg I will share more in the coming months so make sure you follow this blog, YouTube and sign up for our newsletter.

Expect the Unexpected

I’ve always been a planner girl/ planner mom and believe me when I say having kids has taught me that you cannot plan for everything.


This is the ability to withstand and to recover quickly from unfavorable conditions.  Some factors that aid in your ability to be resilient include having a positive attitude, optimism, the ability to regulate your emotions, and seeing failure as helpful feedback (Psychology Today).

Being a mom has helped me to cultivate these qualities.

Trust God

I’ve always had great faith but being a mom has given me a deeper understanding of the omnipotent nature of God.  I trust and believe that he can do more for my kids than I can ever do and he loves them more than me.  His ability and reach stretch far beyond my own.

Embrace the Moment

Time goes by so quickly.  Legit, where did yesterday go?!?!

I’ve learned to embrace the moment and to live in it. Meaning no cell phones 24/7, minimal TV, and technology.  I want to connect with my kids in ways that matter and ways that they will remember.

To Have Fun

My kids have taught me how to relax and live a little.  They love to have fun and they pull me out of my shell to have fun right along with them!

What has motherhood taught you? Share in the comment below.

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