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Sunday Set Up: Back 2 School Edition – Your Prep List

Hey Career Moms!
Can you believe it? Summer is almost over! Kids are gearing up to go back to school. Some students may have already returned depending on their school calendar. Nevertheless, its time!

As a mommy of 4 (a rising high school senior, a 2 nd grader, and 2 in daycare), my plate is going to be full. Add kids’ activities, my work, and my husband’s activities into the mix and you have the recipe for a stress.

I am learning how to effectively leverage my Sunday afternoons to strategize and plan my week. I’ve even created a Sunday Prep List (printable).

At the top I have room for a brain dump. Yes, a brain dump. This is an effective strategy to getting all your thoughts out. The key is to focus on a topic. In this case, the topic is “What do I have to do this week?” and write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind. Don’t worry about being neat, putting to much information, etc. Just write down everything you need to do.

Once you have successfully completed your brain dump, move on and create your list of “to do’s”. I’ve also included a menu plan/lunchbox section so I can plan out meals for the week. As I am getting things done on Sunday night, I check off the box(es).
Here’s my free download for your convenience.

There’s a prepopulated checklist section with 4 common essential tasks:

  • Pick out clothes (self and kiddos)
  • Shopping/meal prep
  • “Mom – me- time” – YES! As a working mom you should find a few minutes for yourself before you dive into the week ahead
  • Weekly Plan – Check out this video about my planner mom routine

This Prep Sheet is designed to be quick and easy! Keep it posted on your refrigerator so you can easily access it and stay accountable to what you have going on.

Happy Prepping… Let me know how you like this free printable in the comments below!

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