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Sunday Self-care for Moms of Toddlers

Sunday self-care provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and refuel for the week ahead. Here's a list of activities for toddler moms.

Working Mom Tips and Hack for Sunday Self-care

Every mom, especially working moms, with busy schedules should plan self-care into their week consistently. It may be challenging to find sufficient time blocks, but is necessary. I always encourage moms to prioritize their well-being so they are not pouring from an empty cup. Particularly for moms of toddlers, whose lives can go from 0 to six thousand in an instant, Sunday self-care provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and refuel for the week ahead.

Why Sunday self-care? In my opinion, Sunday serves as an anchoring point for many families. It’s a time to prepare for the week ahead and digress from the prior week.

Life with Toddlers

My personal motto is “every day is a good day for self-care”. But it’s easier for me to say that now that my kids are older. But I recall life when they were toddlers and it was a much different story. Having toddlers creates a very different dynamic when it comes to schedules and time for self-care.

It’s such an interesting age. The age range between 1-3 is where children become more social. It’s also the age where they start getting introduced to extracurricular activities. We started soccer shots and dancing when our children reached the toddler stage.

Mom Self-care Hacks with Toddlers

It may not sound like self-care if it includes the kids but it can be. For busy moms with limited time, involving your toddlers in your self-care activities is just as beneficial. Simple activities such as walking, working out, or just having a fun moment contribute to a mother’s well-being. This is the perfect age to benefit from purposeful multitasking.

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Bonus tips:

  • Take your walks during nap time so your toddler is more settled.
  • Create a fitness routine that can involve your toddler such as “mommy and me” workouts.

Sunday Self-care

As mentioned before Sunday is a great option for self-care. Here are some great options to enhance your day and start the week off refreshed:

  • Schedule some alone time
  • Take a nap/ get some rest
  • Gratitude journal
  • Take a warm bath with a face mask
  • Spend extra time on your skincare routine
  • Enjoy a spa experience
  • Prayer time or meditation
  • Candle light dinner with your spouse
  • Brunch with your friends
  • Try something new
  • Go on a walk or hike
  • Craft
  • Plan your week with a new technique
  • Read a book
  • Listen to a podcast

Leave me a comment and let me know your go to Sunday routine!

Planning your ahead helps to make the most out of any self-care routine! Check out the Career Mom Community 3- Month Self-care Planner! This guide is designed for working moms to make the most out of each moment to enhance their well-being!

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