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The Power of Purpose and Productivity

I'm sharing how to leverage the power of purpose to increase productivity.

How Purpose and Productivity are Interconnected

After all that we’ve been through as a society, the concept of purpose has a renewed importance. It seems in some cases values have shifted with the realization of how short and fragile life can be. In today’s post, I’m sharing how to leverage the power of purpose to increase productivity.

woman desk office women
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Take a moment and think about the last task, project, or activity that you completed. Pick on that you were passionate about. Think about something you truly enjoyed.

On a scale from 1-5, how productivity were you during the completion process. I’d suspect that you were able to complete the project more effortlessly because it was something purposeful.

Seek meaningful work

Gone are the days when people settle. I believe what many are calling “The Great Resignation” is really individuals re-evaluating values, purpose, and priorities. As a result, people are leaving jobs in pursuit of more meaningful and fruitful opportunities.


I’m not suggesting this is the case in all situations, but I feel many are on a quest for the next best thing especially when their current situation is not ideal. I applaud those bold enough to step out on faith and to challenge the status quo.

When we pursue meaningful work, specifically work that is purpose aligned, we see an increase in productivity and our ability to juggle competing priorities. As purpose- driven women navigating career and motherhood, we really don’t have time to waste. With kids in tow and goals in sight, remaining productive is essential.


Let me put it like this… have you ever dragged out a task because you were so disinterested that you couldn’t muster up the will power to get it done? I can relate. It increases the cycle time, churn, and stress when we operate out of purpose. In short, productivity is stifled.

Figure out your purpose

My encouragement to moms who are experiencing low productivity due to lack of interest, is to figure out your purpose and pursue meaningful work.

T.D. Jake said it best, start with passion if you’re unsure of your purpose. After you identify what you are passionate about, ask yourself why five (5) times. This exercise will help you to give language to your purpose.

โ€œIf you canโ€™t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.โ€

โ€“T.D. Jakes

Book an ideation session to help you gain clarity, especially if you’re in a “re-evaluation” season.

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