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How to Break Goals Down into Milestones

The key to accomplishing goals with grace and ease includes setting clearly defined goals and breaking them down into milestones.

The key to accomplishing goals with grace and ease

Achieving our goals in life does not happen by chance. To accomplish anything significant in life, will require dedication, intentionality, and focus. Moreover, the key to accomplishing goals with grace and ease includes breaking goals down into milestones. Here is a framework that has worked for me and my clients.

It Starts with a Vis

How we see ourselves and where we see ourselves in the future is the starting point for our goals. Think back to when you were a child, what were some of your dreams and aspirations. What have you done to move closer to the version of yourself that you dreamed of?

For me, I set ambitious goals because the life I envision for myself and my family is weighty. There are several experiences I desire for my children that require resources and time. This is why I operate in a certain manner and make planning a priority.

Ask yourself…

  • Where do I see my career in 5 years
  • What types of experiences do I desire for my children
  • What does my future hold
  • What do I desire to contribute to this world
  • And so forth…

Write the vision…

After you’ve spent some time reflecting on your life’s ambitions, write the vision. Spend time physically writing out your vision. In my opinion, how you see yourself and where you see yourself, gives your life direction.

Effective Goal Setting

Setting clearly defined goals, in my opinion, increases the chance of success. In my experience, poorly defined goals lead to ineffective execution. I’ve observed this both in business and personal settings.

Once goals are established breaking them down into milestones further helps with delivery and execution. A simple approach is to outline the goal and each step that will be required to accomplish the goal. From there, work backwards to identify milestones and time commitments.

There is no set maximum or minimum, however I would caution working mothers against creating too many goals as it can become overwhelming. Breaking goals into milestones should provide ease of execution as opposed to stress.

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