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How Many Mentors Should You Have

Mentors are an essential component to success in corporate and my businesses. Here's how to develop your mentor mix!

How many mentors are too many… What is too few?

I’m approaching 20 years in corporate soon, so I can safely say “I know a few things”. Along my journey, I’ve been supported by a group of outstanding peers, leaders, and managers alike. Mentors have been essential to my success in corporate and my businesses.

I found an interesting question in a career-oriented Facebook Group that sparked my curiosity. Typically, during my leisurely social media scrolls, I’d just glance and move on but this question made me stop. I’ll paraphrase, “How many mentors should you have”? I reflected on the question and decided to share my thoughts in today’s post.

My Corporation Career: The elevator pitch version

I started my career in corporate finance and recently pivoted into Strategy and Planning (with Chief of Staff responsibility) I share a bit more details about my career journey on my “Faithful Budget Friend” Podcast. Take a listen…

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If I were to sum up my career in a few words it would be “constantly evolving while pursuing purpose and my definition of success”.

Benefits of Mentorship

A professional mentor can offer several benefits. I’ve developed great relationships over the years and have been able to grow both personally and professionally.

I’ll dive more into the benefits of a mentor in a separate post. For now here are my top two benefits of having a mentor:

  • Guidance and advice – My mentors have offered valuable insights and advice based on their experiences, helping you navigate challenges and make informed decisions in your career.
  • Professional support – having mentors in my corner who genuinely care about my success, providing emotional support during tough times, and celebrating my achievements.

Your Mentor Mix….

Let me start by saying your mentor mix, or the number of mentors, that you have is an individual decision. Too few is not having any and too many is when it becomes a distraction. I developed a model for you to consider when selecting your mentors.

For me, one dedicated mentor in each of the categories below has enabled me to navigate my career well and accomplish my goals.

Need help developing your mentor circle…

Let’s discuss strategies to obtain the right mix of mentors so you can accomplish your personal and professional goals.

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