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Budgeting Tips and Financial Goal Setting for Families| Season 2, Episode 2 Career Mom Community

Let's talk about dollars and cents for your family! Here's more about our special guest! Shaquana Watson-Harkness is a wealth literacy expert and personal finance contributor who has been featured within Grow, CNBC Make It, KYW News Radio, TheGrio and Black Enterprise. She is the founder of Dollars Makes Cents and her goal is to help professional millennial women achieve financial independence by shifting their mindset towards wealth building. Stay connected with her on her personal finance blog,  Instagram or Facebook for more personal finance tips and resources. Links To Use Within Description Box Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dollars.makes.cents Personal Finance Blog: https://dollarsmakescents.com/blog/ Stack That Rack Savings Challenge: https://dollarsmakescents.lpages.co/stack-that-rack-savings-challenge/
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