Self-care Goal Setting Challenge
This 3-day self-care challenge will help you to create an effective self-care routine once and for all.

It's time to start practicing self-care and to stop pouring from an empty cup.

The challenge is absolutely FREE but the transformation is PRICELESS!
October 18th-20th, 2021
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Self-care is not Selfish

Practicing consistent self-care helps to reduce stress, prevent illness, and increases productivity.

When you are the best version of yourself other's will also benefit!

I get it... You're a busy mom on-the-go navigating, that's why this challenge is the perfect opportunity to help you jump start your self-care journey!
Topics Included:
Day 1
We will focus on self-care best practices, mindset, and how to navigate our journey as purpose-driven multi-dimensional women!
Day 2
We will focus on self-care goals and benefits! Join live to be eligible for the GIVEAWAY!!
Day 3
We will focus on creating consistent self-care practices and planning!
“A goal without a plan is just a wish,” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Coach D teaches practical techniques that are applicable to growth and prosperity. As a mom, wife and small business owner, I wear many hats. I have learned how to plan strategically and implement with success -- in every aspect of my life. I no longer shy away from holding myself accountable because I have learned how to approach my goals for winning results.
Thank You, Coach D!!
- Cindy, W.S

I look forward to having you in the challenge. By joining the challenge you are also joining the Career Mom Community.

About The Host
Debranetta Howard, MBA, is the Founder of Career Mom Community where she empowers working mothers to navigate their journey strategically and advocates for our success in the marketplace!

As both the visionary and lead coach/consultant of Career Mom Coaching & Consulting, she provides her clients with action plans that lead to sustainable success and lasting transformation!

Debranetta has a diverse scope of knowledge gained from working with fortune 50 companies and other niche endeavors over the past 10 years. This knowledge allows her to coach clients through action- oriented ideation sessions with a strategic focus.

Her keen sense of planning allows her to help clients create a lifestyle that's free from burnout and overwhelm.
Debranetta Howard, MBA
Planning & Implementation Strategist
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