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#DailyTip It can be fixed

My encouragement to you is to pick and choose your battles. Don’t stress about things that can be fixed.

Recently, I posted on my social media pictures of my sons’ “artwork” on the walls. Yes, you read that correctly! My two-year-old scribbled on our wall with a marker.

When I discovered my little guy’s masterpiece, I will admit that I had an internal one-minute meltdown (aka “1MM”). I was in between meetings and urgent financial requests. We are still working to solidify our daily routine and this day was pure chaos.

Each workday for me is different therefore, flexibility is key.  I have to pivot and adjust, towards work or towards kids, at the drop of a dime.  It’s a struggle sometimes having a high visibility and demanding career under these conditions.  

When a toddler goes rogue with markers…

After my “1MM” was over, he and I talked about why we don’t write on the walls and that we only color on paper that we give you.  I think he understood… but we will see.

As I was scrubbing the color off the wall with my Magic Eraser, I was reminded that this is fixable. I repeated, “Don’t stress because it can be fixed”, “We are safe, we are well, and this can be fixed”. 

The truth is, we are all adjusting to a new normal.  They miss their peers and friends from school. The have a new inexperienced teacher (ME).  In that moment, I reminded myself that there are bigger worries going on in the world than my wall scribbles. 

My encouragement to you is to pick and choose your battles.  Don’t stress about things that can be fixed. 

It is my sincere prayer that you and your family are doing well during this pandemic.  Drop a comment below letting me know what is going on for you!

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