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Career Advice I Did Not Take

Career Advice: Why don’t you look for a lateral move? Sometimes you should move over to move up.

My Response: No, I wont.

There I was (#storytime), feeling stuck in my current role with the desire to move up in my career.  I put my time in (for real, I put in my time). I felt like my current role was also regressing. Layers were recently added to the organization causing an upward push of high exposure and value producing task making my work feel more administrative. 

Unfortunately, I was also not a fan of the shifts I was noticing in the team and started to witness *favoritism and the likes that didn’t set well with me (*I will save the details for another #storytime so don’t forget to follow). 

Overall, I was ready to move on after a lengthy tenure in this role. In speaking with a friend, they provided the advice that I should be open to a lateral move. My response was as simple as it could get. NO.

My dilemma was twofold. I wanted to leave my current team AND I wanted to move up.  Prior to coming to this company, I was in a higher level role but left because my offer was super competitive for my local market and it came with over a $13K increase among other benefits. On the downside it was a step back but I assumed that I could quickly make up the time. 

Fast forward just a few short years and I was  all caught up after getting promoted to a position equivalent to where I started (prior to switching companies).  A lateral move to me given the circumstances of where I started was not something I was prepared to do since my company would require me to stay in the lateral role for 1-2 years prior to moving up. 

My mindset became that of “Bloom where you are planted” and wait patiently for a promotional opportunity outside of my group to meet my skills.

My message to you is, know what you want out of your career.  Do your research and compare your skills, experience, and tenure to that of the role(s) you desire. If you meet the qualifications don’t sidestep or back step.  Stay positioned to move forward.

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