2021 Planner – Organizing Motherhood with Planning

In today’s video I am sharing a first impressions video of my NEW 2021 Planner from one of my favorite planner brands, Planned & Proper.  I purchased the Simply Yours Day Planner in the 12-month Brush Strokes Horizontal Layout. 

The three things that I love the most about the planners are:

  • Elegance: This planner is so elegant and has a luxurious feel. Perfect for the planned and proper ambitious mom, like us!
  • Goal Setting: This planner has very goal setting worksheets and prompts.
  • Weekly Spreads: the weekly spreads are organized so that you have a task list or checklist associated with each day!

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know I’m serious about my planners, organization and time management.  It helps me to balance life and make it all work!

I’m on the creative team for Planned & Proper (Simply Yours Day Planner) and wanted to share my **DISCOUNT CODE**.  Use this link https://bit.ly/2FpnBcd AND code “PLANNEDLIFE” to save $10! 

Make sure you use the drop down options to select your desired date range and layout.

Shop my favorite planner sticker shop here and get 15%off: http://bit.ly/2WMqtEg  

Purchase Erin Condren and save 10% http://bit.ly/2M4Iz0W 

Note: Post includes affiliate links


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