Hey, Working Mom – Show Yourself Some Grace!

We can all agree that we are living in a complex and unprecedented time, right?

There is so much going on in the world.  2020 has certainly been a unique year. For me, I find myself working remote and managing my three young children full time all while maintaining my sanity in light of what is going on in the world related to COVID-19 and racial issues. 

As a working mom this is all so taxing, both mentally and physically. When I founded Career Mom Community, I established the theme, “Career Moms are ambitious women who rely on proper planning, strategy, and grace.” I remind myself of this more now than ever, especially the “grace” conclusion.

As working moms, we must show ourselves grace. The way I define grace is showing unmerited favor, love and kindness. I take the stance, “I don’t always get it right but when there are opportunities to learn, pivot and adjust I take heed”. This is one way that I show myself grace.

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The other way is making the choice not to be so hard on myself. True story… Work has been crazy the last 3 weeks with off cycle requests, and I have been working super late. I’m talking 10PM type late. One day I worked through my daughter’s virtual dance recital practice and by the time I snapped back to reality, class was over, #momfail.

When I realized they missed an important opportunity to practice, I started to internally beat myself up about it which was not a productive response.  I was able to stop the guilt cycle so that I could think more clearly and come up with a solution.  That solution was to email the studio about a makeup class or one on one session with the teacher. I wasn’t able to fix everything, but everything did work out.

To my earlier point about not always getting it right yet learning.  I took a moment to identify a gap in my daily planning process.  The alarm reminder was not set in my phone for that week’s dance class. 

Missing alarm reminders trip me up every time, sigh… Lesson learned…

My encouragement to you is to show yourself grace.  Whether that means not being hard on yourself for a messy house, missed class, late hours, or hard decisions. Just show yourself some grace because you are doing an amazing job!

How do you practice showing yourself grace? Let me know in the comments below.

2021 Planner – Organizing Motherhood with Planning

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know I’m serious about my planners, organization and time management. It helps me to balance life and make it all work!


  1. I definitely understand. As a mom we wear many hats and take care of everyone and everything sometimes and it can be overwhelming. So I definitely believe in giving ourselves grace.


  2. Being a working mom is hard. I agree to give yourself grace is key. Sadly, I have not been given myself any lately and this is a great reminder. I work from home and I can get crazy busy because my kids are here while I work. It’s hard to get everything done.


  3. Sometimes life can be so full on. I’ve been working from home for 16 years now and find i never give myself grace. I beat myself up about a lot and find i should take a step back…breathe and go relax…but feel bad for doing that, so I don’t…then get cross with myself because I’m so unproductive.


  4. It’s difficult to be a mom but it’s a very fulfilling journey. I try to make myself feel good by doing things I like everyday, so that my family around me would feel the same.


  5. I am really bad about beating myself up when I don’t get everything done on my to do list. I’ve tried to cut back on the amount of things I put on my list each day and that has helped some. I’m just a work in progress.


  6. I love this. Moms are soo busy it’s easy to push ourselves to the side or even worse, guilt trip ourselves. This reminder is so necessary. Thank you!


  7. This is lovely. It’s so important to be kind to yourself. I’m always telling myself not to sweat the little things and remind myself that I’m a good enough mama ❤️


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