Planner Mom – My Favorite Planner

If you follow me over on Instagram ( you already know that I’m a planner mom and do my best to plan, organize and strategize.  My personal motto is “Navigating Life Strategically”. 

I often get asked how do I balance my career, busy kids, volunteering, serving on boards, serving in my local church and so on.  Planning! Yes, mom! Planning. As a busy working mom, planning is essential!

I start my week off planning in my Simply Yours Day Planner from Bailey Shea Designs ( The beauty about this planners is that you can start your planner at any time of the year.  The months are not predefined, unlike most planners.  How amazing!

Check out this video where I review this planner!

I love this planner because:

  • It provides me with enough space to get creative with #plannerstickers AND space to write, doodle and scribble notes
  • It has a goal setting section that is perfect for planning my monthly goals and activities
  • High quality planner paper and cover
  • The note pages are great for taking notes at meetings or on the fly

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to hit subscribe!

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